Wednesday, January 21, 2015

data plotting and analysis for science and engineering

- Data plotting and analysis software for students, scientists and engineers
- Save and open a Work/Project (spf) file
- Single fitting/ Batch fitting (user defined custom func.)
- Symbol plot: makers, curve, landscape, bar, etc.
- Implemented a 3d surface plot (GLSurface) based on OpenGL (ScienPlot v1.3.2 and above)
- ColorMap surface, trisurface, Pie, Polar plots, and 3D height field, 3dBar, scatter plots (under developing), and more.
- Column by column plotting/calculation.
- LaTex commands enclosed by $ symbols can be used for the labels in Graph
- Accept txt(Text) and csv(Comma separated values) formatted data
- Save, copy, print Graph
- Use spread sheets to display data
- Tex board to organize the results
- Graphs in a publishable quality.
- Source codes based on Python, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, wxPython, etc.
- Special functions
- Drag and drop data files
- Built-in Debye and Guinier models for SANS / SAX data

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